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Tournament Report – 1st Annual Howie Behre Memorial

Well, after a brief hiatus from fishing for a few weeks I got out this past Sunday (August 17, 2014) and fished in Behre Bait & Tackle’s 1st Annual Howie Behre Memorial Round Valley Lake Trout Tournament.  Since this tournament was a team tournament, I brought Chelsey Hoover on board with me for the day for her first time trolling out on Round Valley, as well as her first fishing tournament. This tournament was run with the winner being determined by the total weight of one 7-fish bag limit (six fish 15-23.99-inches, and one fish greater than or equal to 24-inches) per boat, which is different than the Round Valley Trout Association fishing tournaments I usually fish at Round Valley where the biggest fish wins. This difference in rules made it anyones game in who had a shot at the money in the tournament, but added the challenge of consistently catching fish throughout the tournament. Personally, I like the tournament being based off of the total weight of all seven fish rather than just one fish seeing as anyone can get lucky and catch one big fish, while catching a limit of several decent fish requires more skill in my opinion.

Round Valley trolling spread
Our six rod spread for the day.

Anyway, Chelsey and I were up at 2:00 a.m. the morning of and at Behre Bait & Tackle by 3:00 a.m. to grab some Herring for the day and get the boat ready.  We managed to get the boat in the water a little before the start of the tournament, and once 4:30 a.m. hit we were off!  Since it was still dark when the tournament started we motored over to where I wanted to start trolling for the day, turned the motor off, got some Herring on the bottom to kill some time before it got light out, and got all our lures on our trolling rods so we were ready to troll once it got light out.  Then a little after 6:00 a.m. we began to troll and started off in fairly shallow water (60-75 feet) at this point since Lakers go shallower to feed at night and in early morning.  Since we were fishing in a Lake Trout tournament, I decided to run two rods off the back and two off of planer boards for Lakers; all with 10 colors of lead core out.  I also had two additional planer boards out with 5 colors of lead core out for Rainbows and Browns.  Within 10 minutes since we started trolling, we got our first fish on the line which ended up being a 3-lb Lake Trout that hit a meathead in 65 feet of water.  After we got that fish in the net, it was non stop action for the next 15-20 minutes, by the end of which we landed four Lake Trout.  Out of those four; we caught one on a meathead, two on Warrior Spoons, and one that came up and hit a Rapala we had out for Rainbows behind five colors of lead core.  During this, Chelsey reeled in her very first Lake Trout, which also happened to be our biggest fish of the day; 3.75-lbs!

Round Valley Lake Trout
Chelsey Hoover with her very first Lake Trout, as well as our biggest fish of the day! It weighed in at 3.75-lbs.

After that first pass, the wind started to kick up enough where trolling back up against it was starting to become a bit of a challenge.  So we decided to anchor up in 95-feet of water and drop some Herring down to the bottom to wait and see if the wind would die down.  After about an hour of that with nothing producing for us, we decided to shoot up to the south tower and anchor off of there.  Though that was also short lived and after about another 45 minutes of that with nothing, the wind died down a bit so we started trolling down the south shore in 75-100 feet of water.  Since the wind was still just strong enough to make trolling back up against it frustrating, I decided to just troll down with the wind and then motor back up against it so we could troll back down with it again.  This turned out to be a good decision since at some points we were able to put the motor into neutral and have the wind push us along at trolling speed (1.2-1.5 mph).  At the end of our second to last pass down the south shore, Chelsey was reeling in our last line before we motored back up against the wind and actually had a Lake Trout smack the spoon half way up, and we landed our 5th fish of the day.  After that, we were running out of time before we had to be back at the bait shop since we had to cut our day a little short so we could make it to a concert out in the Meadowlands.  So we decided to make one last pass down the south shore, and picked up one last Laker on a Warrior Spoon to give us an even bag limit of six fish.

Round Valley Lake Trout
Chelsey Hoover and I with our six Lake Trout after the weigh in; we had a total weight of a little over 16-lbs.

After we got the boat on the trailer and out of the water, we headed back to Behre Bait & Tackle to weigh in and to eat some food at the BBQ and pig roast that was also being held at the shop for the tournament.  We ended up in 9th place with a total weight of a little over 16-lbs, so we didn’t place in the tournament, but we still had a great day of fishing regardless!  Thanks to Behre Bait & Tackle for putting on a great tournament, and a special thanks to the owner James Behre for letting us take his boat out to fish the tournament!  The tournament went great, and I’m looking forward to fishing it again next year.

Strategy for the day:

Fishing method:

  • Trolling Lead core

Trolling Speed:

  • 1.2-1.5 mph


  • 60-100 feet of water

Lures of choice:

  • Warrior Spoons
Warrior Spoons
Little Warrior Spoons; work great for Lake Trout, Rainbows, and Browns.






  • Meatheads
Meatheads; a great producer of Lake Trout at Round Valley

Round Valley Fishing Report – April 1, 2014

This past Tuesday, April 1, I was finally able to get out and fish from a boat on Round Valley for the first time in a few months, thanks to Mike Kalinchock from the Round Valley Trout Association (Thanks again Mike!).  We were mainly targeting Lake Trout by wire lining with Chartreuse and Perch pattern spoons.  Though we were also trolling two rods with small jointed Rapalas behind one color of lead-core off of planer boards, hoping to get into some of the big trophy Trout the RVTA stocked this past weekend.

Me with one of the Rainbow Trout I stocked at the RVTA Trophy Trout stocking this past Sunday (March 30).
Me with one of the Rainbow Trout I stocked at the RVTA Trophy Trout stocking this past Sunday (March 30).  Some true giants were put in this year, a few of which were almost 10-lbs!

Going into this trip I had never fished with wire line before, but Mike definitely knows what he’s doing and was able to show me the ropes for the day.  I can’t honestly say I was used to letting 100+ yards of line out by hand, but once I got into the rhythm of things it wasn’t bad at all.  We started out trolling on the South side of the reservoir between 70-90 feet of water for some Lakers, and soon enough we were into some fish that were taking our spoons off of the wireline rods.  On our first pass down the South side we picked up I believe two fish and missed a few more.  Then, on our second or third pass though the area, we finally got a solid hit on one of the planer boards which were set up to target some Rainbow and Brown Trout.  Mike quickly grabbed the rod and started reeling, and shortly after said he thought it was a tagged fish.  About half way through the fight, we thought it shook the hook, but luckily we were wrong and ended up landing a 24.5-inch, 5-lb Rainbow Trout.  Not only was Mike right about it being a tagged fish, but it also happened to be RVTA tag #553, last year’s RVTA money fish!

RVTA Trophy Rainbow
Mike K. with his 24.5-inch, 5-lb Rainbow Trout (Tag #553) caught trolling a silver jointed Rapala behind one color of lead-core.

After landing that fish, we made another pass or two down the South side of the reservoir without too many more strikes, so we decided to head up to the North side to see if we could do any better there. We only made one pass on the North side before calling it a day, but the Lakers were stacked pretty thick all over the bottom there in 70-80 feet of water, and we landed another one and missed a few more. Also, not to mention we passed over a ton of bait on the North side, the most I’ve ever seen on a fish finder at Round Valley.

Round Valley baitfish
Now that’s a lot of bait!

Then, right as we were just getting to the North tower, we got another hit on a planer board, and I landed a 16-inch Rainbow that took a small silver jointed Rapala fished behind one color of lead-core, just like Mike’s tagged Rainbow. Definitely was a nice change to get out and fish the Valley from a boat rather than shore fishing for once, and overall I was happy with the results. Between the three of us, we landed two Rainbows up to 5-lbs, four Lake Trout up to 3.2-lbs, and lost probably close to another 10 fish on the way up.

Round Valley Trout
Our catch for the day between the three of us. Two Rainbow Trout and four Lake Trout.

Not to mention Mike taught me a ton about not only wire lining, but trolling Round Valley in general. While I’m by no means an expert on trolling, I’ll be putting together a how-to trolling article in the near future with what I do know about that method of fishing. Until then, I hope everyone’s getting out and enjoying the spring weather now that it’s finally here, and tight lines!

Hildebrandt Shad King by Yakima Bait Company

The Shad King has been catching fish for more than half a century. Known in years past as the Russian Spinner and Shiner, this bait has the action of an excited minnow. This lure works great when spin fishing by adding split shot on the line for a little extra casting weight. It is also very effective as a trailer with other lures. Featherfly models of this MicroLite lure are also availabe for dedicated fly rod anglers who like the Shad King for fly rod fishing. The Shad King is also very effective for all types of ice fishing. – from http://www.yakimabait.com website.

Hildebrandt Shad King by Yakima Bait Company

These spoons are very small. 1/32 ounce? yeah, that’s small. I flat line troll the 1/8 and 1/12 ounce sized ones in nickel and gold color about 100 feet behind my boat to target rainbow trout and brown trout in Round Valley (and laketrout in the early spring and late fall). Make sure to use a quality ball bearing swivel to minimize line twist. You can use the smallest dipsey diver (45mm) to get down to about 20 feet with these, otherwise you’ll only be about 2 to 5 feet down.

Just messing around pitching the 1/8 ounce model on 4lb ultralight setup you can have a blast with sunfish, little bass, rockbass and bluegill.

June Lure of the Month Giveaway – Vinnerbaits LLC

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Largemouth Bass caught on Vinner Minner swimbait
Largemouth Bass caught on Vinner Minner swimbait.

Vinner Minners, made by Vinnerbaits LLC of Roselle Park, NJ, are hand-poured, painted, eyed, and dipped in clear plastic to finish, providing these soft plastic swim baits with great swimming action. When paired with our EWG hand painted weighted hooks they become a deadly and versatile bait that you cant live without. By changing up your retrieves you can key in to what the fish want at any given time. You can wake them on the surface, swim them through the thickest vegetation or even slow roll them for a lazy bite on the bottom. A fast retrieve puts all the action at the tail, mimicking a fleeting baitfish. A slow retrieve flops the bait from side to side, mimicking an injured / dying baitfish. Our Vinner Minners are offered in 3″, 4″, 5″, and 6″ with 10 new and improved colors to choose from.

Our Mustad Ultra Point EWG weighted / painted hooks are the only ones on the market that come in multiple Glitter Finish colors. They are hand poured, painted and glittered to have a durable jewelry-finish chip resistant coating to help keep them looking just as good as when you bought them.

The giveaway is a 19 piece kit pictured at the bottom of this article. The kit features twelve 3″ swimbaits, 6 red(glittered) painted/weighted hooks, and 1-Plano box.

These hook/swimbait combinations have caught just about every species of freshwater fish including; Largemouth, Smallmouth, Pike, Pickeral, Crappie, Perch, Hybrid Stripers, Trout, and Walleye.

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Swimbaits from Vinnerbaits LLC - June LOTM

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Castaic Swimbait – Rainbow Trout

I have seen massive largemouth bass swimming around in Round Valley and I have no doubt they are eating the little rainbow trout NJ DEP stocked earlier this month. I present you the Castaic Catch 22 Swimbait. The below model is a 6inch rainbow trout imitation. The reason this bait is called a “catch 22” is because the lure manufacturer guarantees you’ll catch 22 bass before the lure becomes unfishable OR you get a free replacement lure.

Castaic Catch 22 - RainbowTrout