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Shore Fishing Produces Nice Brown Trout

Big Brown Trout, Zach Merchant

Zach Merchant with a 23.5inch Brown Trout caught recently while fishing from the Round Valley shoreline. The trout fell for a live shiner suspended under a slip bobber in the early morning hours.

Zach was using his ultralight spinning setup with 4lb. test mono when he connected with this beast. The trout made some strong runs and leaped out of the water at least four times, that he can remember, but to no avail. Note – when fighting a fish, it’s important to keep your rod tip UP which allows the flex of the rod to act like a shock absorber.

Zach and the trout later photographed (above) at Behre Bait & Tackle on Route 22 in Lebanon, NJ where he bought the live shiners and slip bobbers. If you’re looking to get into this kind of shore fishing this Fall, head on over there and get hooked up!

October 25, 2010 Shore Fishing Report

Fished for an hour before going to work (hence the clothing) with my friends Chris, Erin, and Chris. It was good to spend time with them, it seems the older I get, the less “friend” time I have.

Round Valley Fishing - October Rainbow Trout

We fished off the shore on the sandy point directly across from the concrete boat ramp.  Using garden worms, size 6 circle hook tied to 3 feet of fluorocarbon leader, 1small split-shot about 2feet above the hook, slip bobber set to `10feet. I caught 1 rainbow pictured above and 2 largemouth bass in about 1 hour. All fish were released.

The beauty about using the circle hook is that when the bobber goes under, just start reeling line in. At first you just pull in all the slack line that the wind has blown around. If the bobber pops up before you are done reeling in the slack, stop. Wait for it to go under again, then start reeling.  You’ll feel the weight of the fish and see the bend in your rod when all the slack is gone and the fish still has the hook in its mouth.

The key for me in the Fall has been small hooks, small bait, and light leader. I suggest getting out and doing some Fall trout fishing at Round Valley.  The reports have been spotty but the weather has been great!