Fishing Maps

Round Valley Reservoir Fishing Maps

Here’s a Round Valley Fishing Map we created using Google Maps and update every now and again as our knowledge of this NJ reservoir grows. The map shows common fishing areas around the reservoir, key areas where fish tend to congregate, and mapped fishing locations which produce fish on a consistent basis. Click on the map pins to get detailed information about those areas.


View Round Valley Reservoir Fishing Tour in a larger map


Round Valley Reservoir Topographical Maps

The below links are USGS 7.5min topographical maps / charts as high resolution pdf’s. There’s also a lower resolution image version of the maps available if you want to open it up on an older or smaller mobile phone.

Round Valley Reservoir Water Level

The below table shows Round Valley Reservoir water volume by date. When the reservoir is full it is at 382.5 feet in elevation and roughly 55Billion Gallons. Table data comes from the NJ Water Authority website.

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