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Another Potential NJ State Record American Eel Released

Long-time readers may remember back in August 2010 when our Russian friend Vasili caught a potential NJ State Record American Eel, but never had it officially measured and instead opted to take it home and eat it.

Well, it’s happened again…kinda. Zach Merchant was fishing last night at Round Valley and spotted a rather large eel swimming close to shore so he quickly baited up a four foot ultra-light rod laying around and cast out toward the serpent. As Zach tells it, the mighty beast broke off his 2lb flouro leader twice before he was able to land the fish…er…eel.

Zach Merchant holding 45inch American Eel
Zach Merchant holds a 45+ inch American Eel before releasing it back into Round Valley.

Now as a reminder, the current NJ State Record American Eel weighs 6lbs, 13 ounces, measures 41.75 inches and was also caught in Round Valley Reservoir. Zach’s eel measured 45+inches, no weight taken. The eel was squirming around too much and he didn’t have anything to put it in, so he let it go. Crazy.

#FunFact American Eel spawn in the Autumn in the Sargasso Sea. Visit the USGS site to learn more about the American Eel.

What crazy catches have you seen or been a part of? Share in the comments below or on our Facebook page.
-Tight Lines

Golden Palomino Trout – Fishing Report

Zach Merchant and Sean Maher made it out this morning to do some fishing from the shore. This Golden Palomino Trout fell to a Rapala crankbait.

Slow start this morning, fishing with Shiners under slip bobbers, Powerbait on the bottom, and casting lures, but we finally managed to hook into some nice fish at Round Valley today.

– Zach

Zach Merchant with a Golden Palomino Trout
Zach Merchant with a Golden Palomino Trout caught fishing lures from the fisherman’s boat launch shore area.

Big Channel Catfish

NJ Channel Catfish
Hunter Whitehead‎ with an 18lb Channel Catfish he caught while fishing Round Valley Reservoir, Clinton Township NJ.

On 09 October 2014 Hunter Whitehead‎ was fishing Round Valley with garlic cheese balls when he connected with this big 18lb Channel Catfish. Read more on our Facebook page. Nice Catch Hunter!

The channel catfish is the largest member of the catfish family found in New Jersey. Channel cats are avidly sought after sport fish that grow to trophy proportions. They are excellent table fare and are commercially raised for market.


Fun Fact – There are three common types of catfish caught in Round Valley Reservoir: Channel Catfish, Brown Bullhead Catfish, and White Catfish. Can you tell the difference between them?