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Low Water Level

As of May 3rd, pumping operations have begun! Visit the bottom of our Map page to see the volume going up.

“It is the Authority’s intention to begin pumping at some time in mid-April 2016. There are several unknowns at this point that are keeping the dates somewhat tentative.” I got the following response after emailing the NJ Water Authority. -Robert

round valley reservoir
Water level at round valley reservoir is currently very low.

NJ Freshwater Fisheries Forum will be this Saturday

The southern NJ Freshwater Fisheries Forum will be this Saturday, February 21, at Batsto Village in Wharton State Forest in Burlington County NJ at 10:00 a.m.

Topics will cover both warmwater and coldwater fisheries management. Presentations will highlight field sampling efforts including Lake Hopatcong Fisheries Inventory and Coolwater Species assessment (Muskellunge, Northern Pike, and Walleye) as well as a summary of ongoing management efforts.

For more information, including directions, visit on the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife website.

2015 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing DIGEST Download

The complete 2015 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing DIGEST is now available for download as a pdf. You can also visit the NJ DEP website to download segments of the NJ fishing digest as well as past issues.

The 2015 New Jersey Freshwater Fishing DIGEST is a must-have for fishermen and fisherwomen as it contains all the following:

  • NJ Fish and Wildlife 2015 Calendar of Events
  • Skillful Angler Program
  • Law Enforcement and Regulation Information
  • License Information
  • and so much more

New Jersey Skillful Angler Leader Board Posted

The first entries on the new 2015 New Jersey Skillful Angler Leader Board have been posted! The revised Skillful Angler Recognition Program now includes a listing of those with the largest fish in each division/category for all species. At the end of the year, special recognition is given to anglers who catch the largest fish in each species category.

Zach Merchant Skillfull Angler

Visit the NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife’sprogram webpage to learn more and sign up. Also, visit the current leader board…surprise surprise, our very own Zach Merchant is currently leading the Chain Pickerel catch and release category. Nice!

Zach Merchant 2015 Skillfull Angler chain pickerel

Buy Your 2015 NJ Fishing License Online

Did you know you can buy your 2015 NJ Fishing License online? The resources list below will take you to the appropriate site to either purchase your NJ Fishing License or get more information if you need it. I’ve even added a link to the NJ DEP License Agents page where you can get an extensive county-by-county listing of physical locations you can visit to buy your license.

NJ Fishing License

Scenario: It’s 5am on New Year’s Day 2015 and you want to start the new year off right by doing some fishing, problem is half the country is still asleep and most of the shops you frequent are closed to celebrate the holiday. No worries, Visit this NJ DEP page to buy a license online. They even a mobile-friendly version of the site if you want to go that route. If your printer is anything like mine, it will sound like a marching band or time machine coming on at this time of the day, so be prepared! As a backup I save the PDF version of my new fishing license to my computer, phone and email it to myself so that if i’m without the hardcopy I at least have a digital version I can get to (note, you can still get fined for not having it visibly displayed on your person).

NJ Fishing License Resources: