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Fishing The Rocks at Round Valley

The Rocks

The Rocks in this article and on this site refers to an earthen dam that was created across a narrow waterway on the west side of the reservoir.  It looks like a rock bridge or rock dam and it’s a damn good place to start fishing from the shore.

The big side of the lake – you can catch everything; trout, bass, crappie, bluegill, everything but Lake Trout.

Want to catch something big?  Use medium to large live herring or shiner hooked under the dorsal fin with a #6 hook and suspended about 4 to 6 feet under a bobber.  Half way between your hook and your bobber should be a barrel swivel and above that a 1/4 or 1/2 ounce egg sinker.  Cast out and wait.  Wait for the bobber to get pulled completely under water, reel in your slack, and if the bobber is still under the water, set the hook. If the bobber pops up before you can set the hook, just wait and see if the fish comes back. You will catch trout and bass using this technique.

You can also forgo the bobber and just live-line a shiner or herring.  Use only a #6 hook, no swivel, no weight, no bobber.  Cast out and let your bait swim around.  Leave your bail open to allow free movement of your swimming bait.  When you see line start running off faster or a big splash where you fish was just swimming, let it go a few seconds, then close the bail, reel in the slack and set the hook.  I like using Circle hooks when livelining because there is less likelyhood the fish will swallow the hook.  If you use Circle hooks, don’t set the hook, just start reeling in and the magic of technology will do the rest.

Are you with your kid and want to catch something just to show him or her what a fish looks like?  If they’re small kids, avoid the rocks completely because it’s easy to fall and get hurt.  Still hell bent on fishing this spot?  Ok pick up a package of night-crawlers and use those on a #8 baitholder hook suspended 2 to 4 feet under a bobber.  You will catch tons of sunfish and small bass.

Fishing on the bottom is not advisable from this location.  You will get snagged on rocks and weeds.

Fishing with lures can be fun.  In the Spring and Fall we’ve caught trout on silver Kastmasters and in the summer we’ve caught lots of bass and crappie on smaller floating and swimming lures.

The Swimming side of the lake – you will not catch any trout here but you will catch bass, sunfish, and chain pickerel.  Use Rapala floating lures to stay out of the weeds.  Weedless rubber worms are great here too.  Some of the biggest largemouth bass we’ve caught have been on this side of the lake fishing weedless rubber worms right on the bottom.

You can fish with live shiners and minnows on this side of the lake as well, however the thick weed cover makes it a real nightmare if your casting accuracy is sub par.  The weeds get thicker as the summer goes on.

In the winter this side freezes over pretty good and makes for good icefishing.  Fish using live shiners and you’ll catch largemouth bass and chain pickerel.

The Bass Assassin Strikes Again

Crazy windy day out on Round Valley today.  Caught one short rainbow in the AV32 area on shrimp… yeah you read that right, shrimp.  A plain ole peeled and cooked ready to eat shrimp.

We got out of the wind and headed over to the back of Ranger Cove where we did much better with Smallmouth, Largemouth and Rock Bass.  Below is captain Pete with a nice bucketmouth caught on a live shiner.


All fish were released.  In related news we are officially switching over to Octopus circle hooks for terminal takle.  The mustad baitholders we’ve been using are just too tough to remove on deeply hooked fish.

First Day Out With New Boat in The Valley

Pete and I took “the boat” out for her inaugural run this Wednesday for a fishing trip… where else?  Round Valley Reservoir.  We couldn’t get the 2 cycle 9.8hp Mercury outboard started at first and were a little disgusted.  I’m pretty sure we flooded the engine out, pumping, priming, pulling, choking…  For the next 2 hours we used the Minn Kota trolling motor to transport us around the lake.

First fish in the boat was a little lgmouth bass caught east of the north tower by yours truly.  Pete owes me a dinner for that one.  A little later I hooked up again this time with a nice smallmouth bass and a Lake Trout.


I’m sure Cappy wanted to get in on the action but he was too busy resting up. Continue reading First Day Out With New Boat in The Valley

Ice Fishing Round Valley

Here are a few pics from January 2009.  The ice was sooooo thick our hand auger almost broke and we almost passed out from spinning the thing forever.  The ice was 12 to 18 inches thick everywhere we drilled.

We ended the day with a keeper Largemouth Bass and Chain Pickerel.  Both were grilled and eaten though I don’t think I will ever do that again if I can avoid it.  I would rather release the fish.

Chris and I crowded around the gear.  Jay coming late to help us drill more holes… he’s a lot weaker than he looks. Continue reading Ice Fishing Round Valley