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Drone Footage – Round Valley Reservoir

EDITOR’S NOTE: I want to thank Lawrence for reaching out to us on our FB page and sharing the below Drone footage. Stay tuned for Spruce Run. -Robert

It was that 4:30 pm work day call when your buddy asks you to join him out on the boat for an evening of fishing out in Round Valley Reservoir. Being heavily involved in the film industry, I quickly ran home to pack up one of the my drones and a few other cameras. My brother joined us as we enjoyed the sunset out on the water and caught a few fish doing so. I hope you enjoy all the sights of Round Valley from above.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see more drone sights and videos. – Lawrence Garafola

The Most Absurd Fishing Lures

I have seen some terrible fishing lures in my years of fishing. These absurd fishing lures have designs and features cooked up by marketing departments and sometimes just fun-loving fisherman looking to share a laugh. Let’s take a look at some of these ridiculous lures:

The Floater
by, this absurd fishing lure looks like a floating turd.
floating poop lure - absurd fishing lure

Budweiser Can Crankbait
by Heddon, because beer!?
Budweiser Can Crankbait - absurd fishing lure

President Obama Daredevil
by Eppinger, thanks obama!
President Obama Daredevil - absurd fishing lure

Floating Duckling Lure
by, absurd because the fish never sees the duck’s head only what’s at and below the water surface.
baby duck - absurd fishing lure

by Gatta-X, The Japanese make some bizarre fishing lures…this one looks looks like Mothra.
buggy - bizarre fishing lure

Prawn in cup
by tsubo rig? Another absurd looking Japanese fishing lure. This one mimics a prawn or shrimp hiding in a cup.
prawn in cup lure - absurd fishing lure

by RomanMade, absurd because it costs $435… it’s a soft plastic swimbait made for catching giant largemouth bass.
mother by roman made

Ice Fishing Flasher

What in the world is this thing? Looks like a fish finder from WWII… you’re not far off.

Vexilar FL-8 Flasher

Introduced in 1989, the above Vexilar FL-8 is a compact and lightweight depth sounder. Besides indicating depth, the unit also shows changes in bottom content and conditions. It can also discriminate between large underwater targets, such as fish, and smaller targets such as bait fish and plankton. The unit is a SONAR. It transmits bursts of high frequency pulses, which are converted from electrical to mechanical energy by the transducer. These “sound” pulses radiate from the transducer downward and are reflected back up to the transducer where the energy is converted back to electrical signals. The FL-8 then processes these signals and displays them. The circular display is accomplished by attaching an LED (Light Emitting Diode) to a wheel, which is then spun at a high speed in the clockwise direction. This allows for an extremely high speed update. The bottom, as well as other targets, can be displayed as red, orange, or green to indicate strong, medium and weak signals respectively. The FL-8 also has an alarm, which can alert you to fish or shallow water. The user controls this alarm so that anything that appears above a specific depth will sound the alarm.

Fun Fact: Sonar is an acronym for SOund Navigation And Ranging.

Black Bear Suspected of Killing New Jersey Hiker is Euthanized

While on the topic of bear encounters, this informative PDF from the Manitoba, CA dept. of Wildlife has some tips on what to do. Rule number one is stand your ground and keep your group together…something the hikers at the Apshawa Preserve didn’t do.

WEST MILFORD, NJ (AP)- Police say a 22-year-old man was killed over the weekend after an encounter with a black bear in the Apshawa Preserve in New Jersey.

Map - West Milford, NJ police say five friends from Edison, New Jersey, were hiking in the Apshawa Preserve when they encountered the black bear.

West Milford police say four friends reported Darsh Patel missing around 4 p.m. Sunday. The group told police that the bear began to follow them though the wooded area. The hikers became separated after an attempt to flee the area.

Officers from the West Milford police department and West Milford Search and Rescue unit began searching for him. The body of Patel, of Edison, was found about three hours later. “Evidence at the scene indicated that the victim had been attacked by a bear,” police said in a news release early Monday. The bear was located and euthanized at the scene.

The Apshawa Preserve is a 576-acre natural area in the Highlands of Northern New Jersey and used for hiking and bird watching.