December 10, 2013 – Shore Fishing Report

Despite the cold weather, shore fishing continues to be warm! Made it out to fish the Round Valley shoreline again this morning in the snow with Chris Moran, from 6:30 a.m. until about 10:30 a.m.  We both started off fishing with two rods with Shiners under slip bobbers, and one rod fished on the bottom (PowerBait on mine, and a Shiner on Chris’).  Since it was still dark when we got our lines in, we had glow sticks on our slip bobbers so we could see them.  Though about five minutes after casting them out, I couldn’t find my second bobber and figured it was just hard to see since the glow stick I had on it wasn’t too bright.  So I decided to reel in my line to recast so I could at least have a general idea of where my bobber was.

Round Valley Rainbow Trout
My 15.25-inch Rainbow Trout caught on a live Shiner 5-feet under a slip bobber.

After a few cranks of my reel, my rod bent over and I figured I was snagged in some weeds, so I gave it a good tug to see if I could pull it free, and to my surprise, my rod responded with a few strong pulls back, shortly followed by a Trout jumping out of the water and I knew I was into a fish.  After giving me a short, but fun fight, I landed a 15.25-inch Rainbow Trout.  Unfortunately, that was the only action we had until about 10:00 a.m. when I hooked into another decent sized Rainbow Trout that hit a Shiner 2-feet under a slip bobber, but it shook the hook about 10-feet from shore after a brief fight.  Shortly after that, the cold was finally getting the better of us, so we decided to pack the fishing stuff into our cars, and finish our day with a little bit of hiking in the snow. As I previously stated in this article, the only action we got this morning was on live Shiners under slip bobbers.  A few weeks ago, we were getting Trout on both Shiners as well as PowerBait, but with the colder weather it seems that the Trout have begun to prefer Shiners over PowerBait.  Overall it was a painfully slow day of fishing, but I beat the skunk with one Rainbow landed, and lost another on the way in. Also, not to mention the fact that Round Valley is a beautiful place in the snow, and I love fishing in the snow, so I definitely enjoyed our morning fishing from the shore!  Round Valley Fishing

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9 thoughts on “December 10, 2013 – Shore Fishing Report”

  1. Thanks! There are Carp in Round Valley, though to my knowledge they are pretty few and far between, so I would recommend nearby Spruce Run if you’re looking for Carp. As for Catfish, there are three species of Catfish in Round Valley (White, Bullhead, and Channel) and they are pretty plentiful. I usually do pretty well with them at night during the summer months.

  2. The main difference between slip bobbers and regular bobbers is that you can set the slip bobbers to any depth you want and still be able to cast out easily, since you don’t have to cast out all the extra line like you would if you set a regular bobber deeper than say two or three feet. I personally like to use slip bobbers over regular bobbers no matter what depth I’m fishing when I’m at Round Valley.

  3. That’s true, What is the point between slip bobbers and a regular bobber? I just found out about them through these articles, I went out and bought all the supplies.

  4. Nice job, and thanks for sharing Dennis! Sounds like you got some good sized fish, we’ve been averaging 15-16 inch Rainbows for the most part

  5. Today December 12th caught 3 out of 5 trout. 2 rainbows about 18″ and 1 brown trout around 16″. The rainbows were both on powerboat and marshmallow on the bottom, while the brown was on a shiner in the bottom

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