November 26, 2013 – Shore Fishing Report

Fished the Round Valley shoreline again this morning in some cold, snowy weather with Zach Batren, Tom Niedbala, Mickey Ziegler, and Bob.  Zach B. and I arrived at the sandy point across from the boat launch a little while after Tom and Bob around 6:45 a.m., which seemed to be about the right time since Tom was getting hits left and right, on both Powerbait fished on the bottom and live Shiners under slip bobbers.  Unfortunately for Tom, he had to leave for work at 9:00 a.m. after getting 10 hits, losing one Trout on the way in, and getting a hard hit that doubled one of his rods over; only to have his line break on the hook set.

RVTA jaw tagged Rainbow Trout
RVTA jaw tagged Rainbow Trout

After Tom left, we had about an hour lull in the action with only one or two hits on Powerbait when all of a sudden something starts toying with a Shiner I was fishing about 5-feet under a slip bobber, then my bobber shoots under and I’m into a fish.  At first I wasn’t sure how big it was, and assumed it was an average 15-inch or so Trout that was just a fighter since it was putting a good bend in my rod.  That was the case until I saw the flash of a Rainbow followed by it’s back breaking the surface, which is when I realized I was into a big Rainbow Trout.  After one of the best fights I’ve had in a long time from a Trout, I landed a 23-inch 3-lb, 10-oz Round Valley Trout Association jaw tagged Rainbow.

Round Valley Rainbow Trout
My 23-inch 3-lb, 10-oz Round Valley Trout Association jaw tagged Rainbow. Caught on a live Shiner 5-feet under a slip bobber

A short while after that we were joined by Mickey who came after class, the wind started to pick up slightly, and Bob was into another fish that took Powerbait off the bottom, and he landed and released a 14.5-inch Rainbow.  From there on, for the rest of our day we would get a flurry of three or four hits and maybe one fish landed within five or ten minutes, then it would die off again for half an hour to an hour, then start over again.  Seemed like the Bows were traveling in schools and roaming around the area pretty well.  Most of our hits were on salmon peach or similarly colored Powerbait, as well as a few hits on rainbow Powerbait, and a handful of hits on shiners under slip bobbers.  We ended our day a little after 1:00 p.m. after Bob landed three Rainbows with one keeper (15.5-inches), and I landed two keeper Rainbows (15-inches and 23-inches).  That was all we landed for the day, but we had almost 20 missed fish and everyone was getting hits, so it was definitely an awesome day of fishing, despite the cold, snowy and rainy weather.

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