September 26 & 29, 2013 – Round Valley Shore Fishing

Went out to Round Valley to fish for some Trout from the shoreline on Thursday, September 26, 2013.  After getting a pretty late start, I got out to the Valley at around 10:30 a.m. and just as I arrived, I watched one of the guys fishing next to where I was land a nice approximately 15-inch Brown Trout on a live Shiner about four feet under a bobber.  So despite my late start to the day, seeing that got my hopes up that there were still Trout around to be caught.  As usual I was fishing with three rods out, and this time I had two with slip bobbers set to seven and 12 feet down with live Shiners and one rod with Powerbait about 2.5-feet off the bottom.  After about 45 minutes, one of my slip bobbers shot under and I set the hook.  Not sure what exactly it was that was on the end of my line since I didn’t get a chance to see it, but right off the bat it was screaming out drag and ended up shaking the hook right as I got close to the end of the line on my reel.  So I reeled in, cast back out, and 30 seconds later my bobber was under again, though this time I landed a 16-inch Rainbow Trout.

Round Valley Rainbow Trout
16-inch Rainbow Trout caught under a slip bobber

After that it was slow pickings the rest of the day, with a few fish here and there.  For the most part I only landed little dink Largemouth Bass that hit the Shiners under slip bobbers, and by the time I left I landed nine Largemouths to about seven or eight inches and two Smallmouth Bass about the same size.  Though in addition to my 16-inch Rainbow, I also landed one 14-inch Brown Trout that hit a slip bobber, as well as another 15.5-inch Rainbow that hit my Powerbait.  All in all it wasn’t the best day of fishing, but I did beat the skunk and caught a few Trout which is all that really matters in the end.

I headed back out again few days later on Sunday September 29, 2013 and this time I was joined by Chris.  We started out nice and early and got our first lines in the water around 6:45 a.m. just as the sun was coming over the horizon.  Between the two of us we had six rods out, two with Rainbow Powerbait on the bottom, two with Salmon/Peach Powerbait on the bottom, and two with Shiners under slip bobbers.  Probably about ten minutes or so in, one of Chris’ Powerbait rods doubles all the way over with the tip almost touching the water and starts screaming out drag out of nowhere.

Jaw tagged Rainbow
21-inch, 3-lb 1-oz Rainbow Trout. Chris’ first RVTA tagged trophy Trout!

With that said, both Chris and I knew there was a good fish on the other end of his line before he even engaged the fish, and the fight that followed definitely proved it.  After setting the hook, it continued to peel out drag and run from left to right for almost the entire fight.  At one point, Chris had managed to get it within 20 feet of where we were standing on shore and it jumped a good two feet clean out of the water, which is when we were able to see it was a nice big Rainbow Trout.  Immediately after that it went out on another run back towards deeper water and we were back where we started, though the fish clearly started to tire after that last run.  Shortly after that, we got the fish in close to shore and began to get it under control so we could net it; which we always do with larger fish, even when fishing from shore.  After netting it we were finally able to get our first real good look at the fish and were able to see it was a “JOIN RVTA” jaw tagged Rainbow that was stocked by the Round Valley Trout Association back in early May 2013.

Jaw Tagged Rainbow
RVTA jaw tagged Rainbow

The fish weighed in at 3-lbs, 1-oz and measured 21-inches in length.  Definitely made Chris happy since it was hit biggest Rainbow ever caught, his first Fall shoreline fish from Round Valley, and his first tagged Trout!  After that it was slow pickings of tiny Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass again and after landing around ten or so of those and losing what we assume was a Trout that hit my Powerbait rod, we called it a day at 10:00 a.m.  While Chris’ fish was the only real fish we caught that day, we definitely can’t say it was a bad day of fishing after landing that beauty of a fish!

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4 thoughts on “September 26 & 29, 2013 – Round Valley Shore Fishing”

  1. Tagged Trout can either be kept or released, doesn’t really matter. But if you do happen to hook into one I’d advise at least taking the tag out and returning it to the RVTA via Behre Bait & Tackle. That way you can get entered into the raffle they have at the end of the year that all the tags get entered into.

  2. That 3lb. Rainbow was definitely an awesome catch! I there that morning when I saw you bring that fish in (I was on the rocks). I was also fishing by you guys when you landed those nice Channel Catfish on the Powerbait. One question out of curiosity: are the tagged trout allowed to be kept or must they be released? My name is Tom by the way, and I just got back into fishing after a very long hiatus. I ran into this website when I was researching good fishing spots in New Jersey, and I find it very insightful with tips and reports. Plus it’s cool and surprising when I saw that Rob Ivan is involved in this site, I knew him from back in the old punk/hardcore show days around the Bridgewater/Somerset County area. I have yet to catch my first trout from RV since I started coming there in the last few weeks. Can’t wait to land a nice one and feel the excitement of the fight. Anyway, thanks for the reports. Brings me confidence. Hope to learn a lot and become a regular angler at Round Valley now and into the future.

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