Carp Fishing Report – June 11, 2013

Went out to DeMott Pond in Clinton, NJ this morning to do some Carp fishing with Chris Moran.  The weather was slightly overcast, turning a little more sunny as the day went on with a slight breeze, not bad fishing weather if you ask me.  For bait, we were using sweet corn packed into oat balls made with oats and creamed corn.  The day started off slow, but probably about an hour or so in Chris got a big hit on one of his rods, peeled drag and all, but the fish got off after a brief fight.  After about another hour or so, Chris’ rod goes off again and this time it sticks the hook, and after a good fight he lands a decent sized Carp, maybe about 7-8 pounds.  It definitely wasn’t anything compared to the 20-30 pound Carp we’re used to catching, but it was definitely a good fighter and fun to catch none the less.  Then probably about 10 minutes after that happened, Chris hooked into and landed a decent sized Bullhead, but we weren’t too thrilled with it.

Common Carp
Chris Moran – Common Carp

Shortly after he landed the Bullhead, Chris had to leave for work.  Seeing as I hadn’t gotten anything except for a few bumps on my line, I decided to stay a little bit longer to see if I could beat the skunk as well for the day.  Not more than 30 minutes after Chris left, I started getting some bumps on my line again and eventually something took the bait and went on a good run. Considering the pond we were fishing, there was no doubt it was a Carp as soon as it hit; same goes for Chris’ Carp, as well as the fish he lost during the fight.  After about a 4-5 minute fight I managed to get the fish in and land it on shore.  Same as Chris’ Carp, mine was probably in the ball park of 7-8 pounds, so a pretty decent fish.  I didn’t have a net, so I tried to tire it out more than I usually would before I got it in too close, which only made the fight more enjoyable.

Common Carp
My Carp from today

After getting my Carp back into the water, I had to call it quits since I hooked into that fish with my last bit of oats.  Would have liked to stay a bit longer to get into some more Carp before I headed home, but both Chris and I beat the skunk with some decent fish that put up some fun fights, so I can’t complain one bit.  Overall it was a decent day of fishing, nothing too crazy, but definitely better than getting skunked!

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