Christmas Giveaway from Round Valley Fishing

The winners have been picked. Colm McAuley, Andrew, and Allen R You have been randomly selected as the winners of the first, second and third place prizes. Please check your email for confirmation and delivery info. You have 5 days to claim your prize, after that another winner will be randomly chosen. Thank you all for participating in our Christmas Giveaway! Tight lines in 2013!

Christmas 2012 - Bass Fishing Lures
Comment below to be entered to win one of two stockings filled with fishing gear!

To celebrate the holidays and give back to my readers here at Round Valley Fishing I’ll be giving away TWO Christmas stockings stuffed with bass fishing lures. I was going to put together two of my own trout fishing stockings but they got REALLY EXPENSIVE!

Here’s what’s in each stocking:
1 pk. YUM 5-inch Dingers
1 pk. YUM 2.75-inch Crawpapis
1 pk. YUM 3-inch Mighty Bugs
1 ¼-ounce Booyah Blade spinnerbait
1 3/16-ounce Booyah Bed Bug
1 XCalibur Xcs200 Square Lip crankbait in “Real Craw”
1 XR50 Rattle Bait in “Real Gill” color pattern
1 ¼-ounce Cotton Cordell Super Spot
1 Bomber B04 Square Lip crankbait
1 Binksy Blade Bait (I’m throwing these in from my own stash as a bonus)

If you’d rather go and buy one of these stuffed stockings, you can go where I went to and spend $19.99.

I’ll also be giving away one dvd, Underwater World of Trout, Feeding Lies. This is an awesome DVD with lots of underwater video showing how trout act in their natural environment. Yes, I gave away one of these back in July, but it’s so good I want to share it with more people!

Simply leave a comment on this blog post and you will be entered to win one of three prizes. You can only win one and your comment will only be counted once. I’m thinking i’ll pick the winners on Friday December 21st. You will be notified by email so when you leave your comment, make sure you leave your correct email address.

34 thoughts on “Christmas Giveaway from Round Valley Fishing”

  1. I won! Thanks Rob for the Christmas Stocking stuffed with lures. My Son will be thrilled. Great site. Keep up the good work! Tight Lines.

  2. I am so happy that I got picked. I can’t wait to try out these new lures once the bass bite is back on!!

  3. i have been putting as much time in fishing round valley as i can to learn this fishing paradise and would love to win one of these great gifts hope to get out one more time this year.

  4. Everyone should become a member of Round Valley Trout Association! You will learn so much about commoradarie and you might just catch a few more Trout!

  5. Sweet Stockings! Chock full o’ bass lures. I plan on spending a good deal of time out at RVR over the next couple of weeks, still bummed about Lebanon bait shop closing, it was literally half way between my house and the boat launch 🙁

  6. In response to andrew, action at RVR has been sporadic. Last saturday I caught a 14.5 inch rainbow from shore and that’s it. I also caught a brown the same size, again from shore the week before. It was also the only fish of the day. Rainbow colored powerbait seems to be the ticket. I also wouldn’t mind getting some free bass lures. I’m primarily a bass fisherman, a trout fisherman second.

  7. What a cool stocking!!! Thank you for the countless posts and endless information regarding fishing at the valley. I can honestly say my fishing game has definitely improved since I started reading your posts! Keep up the good work!

  8. Not a bad package, that crank bait would be nice considering I lost 5 last year to my girlfriend not tying good knots!

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