Fishing In The Rain – Prepare To Get Wet

The plan was for my buddy Chris and I to fish ~8 hours in the rain from 6:30am to about 2:30pm, Nor’easter be damned. We started out the day at Lebanon Bait & Sport, picking up 4 dozen shiners…what the hell were we thinking? Also got a couple of Sutton Spoons. Our plan was to troll the spoons and shiners then drift to pick at lake trout.

As we motored away from the boat launch I realized in complete amazement that my Lowrance x135 was not turning on. I had problems with it two weeks ago at the RVTA tournament, but thought it was a battery issue. No such luck. Tried a soft reset, hard reset, wiring it directly to the battery, and finally punching the thing. It’s dead.

I’ve fished this reservoir many times, so we weren’t completely SOL but come on…really? I just had my motor fixed and now this?! We trolled a Sutton spoon and live shiners slow around the perimeter of the boat launch, over to the north tower, made a big circle and came back to the north tower. We didn’t get anything with this technique so we switched over to drifting.

Round Valley April 22 Laketrout Map

Our first drift, the wind was coming out of north so we set up a drift just to the west of the north tower, sent our lines to the bottom and waited. We were using 2 oz. barrel sinkers to keep our shiners on the bottom. Caught first fish out in the middle of nowhere in about 70feet of water. It’s the smaller of the two pictured and measured 18 inches. The rain didn’t really start until about 11am and for a few hours we thought we actually might stay dry!

Fishing in the rain

We didn’t stay dry. The rain came and just got harder and harder. We continued fishing though and for a few hours there the wind switched direction completely and came out of the southwest. It was at this time Chris caught the second Laketrout, a nice 20 incher that actually put up a decent fight.

Even though we still had 2 dozen shiners in out livewell, at about 2:30pm our hands were raw and we were starving, so we headed in. It was a decent trip, besides a kayaker we spoke to at the north tower I only saw one other boat and they left fairly quickly. The yak had one laker when we spoke.

I guess I’ll be looking for a new sonar soon, maybe one with a GPS?! Up until now, I’ve been using a 99cent app on my iPhone called Compass+ I’ve actually been recording lat / long of catches and then placing them on Google Maps on my computer when I get home. It’s very cheap, but tedious as hell. OK, cheers, next time less rain please!

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2 thoughts on “Fishing In The Rain – Prepare To Get Wet”

  1. Steve, there are some Fishing Logbook apps out there now that do what you’re describing, none of them have very good reviews in the app store.

    For an app like that to be really useful it would have to be simple. I hate fumbling around with a phone when i just want to mark a waypoint. GPS enabled fishfinders kind of have a leg up here. The device is always easily accessible, it doesn’t have to be woken up and all the user does is click one button.

    Let me know if you need a tester for your app should you develop it. Cheers and thanks for writing.

  2. Hey Robert, I have a brother that develops iOS applications (for your iphone) and ive been kicking around an idea in my head for a fishing application that could serve as a GPS tool. I figure most people don’t want to shell out the big bucks for a fish finder that has GPS, but spending a dollar or two for an iPhone app would be more acceptable. You could use the app to mark whatever you wanted, whether it was a particular spot or where you caught a fish. Do you think there would be a market for this kind of thing?

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