The Underwater World of Trout – Trout Vision and Refraction

Just in time for opening day!
Have you ever gone trout fishing and wondered, “How deep is that fish? One foot? Two feet? Was it deeper? How large was it’s ‘circle of vision’, and does it matter? Do trout really have blind spots? How low must you be before they are aware of your presence? Does it matter what you wear and how you move?”

Trout Vision and Refraction DVD
The Underwater World of Trout – Trout Vision and Refraction

Trout Vision & Refraction is part three in a four part series of trout education videos and lectures put together and filmed by Wendell “Ozzie” Ozefovich. Visit the Underwater World of Trout for more info and to buy the dvd’s.

The video is about 45minutes long and can get quite technical, but Ozzy breaks it all down and shows real-world examples of the concepts he’s explaining. Just like the first video, The Underwater World of Trout – Discovery, I watched this with my 4 y/o son and we both learned a lot. If you are a passionate fisherman, this video and the others in the series are a must watch.

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