August LOTM – Berkley Nanofil Fishing Line from Kingfisher Designs

A winner has been Chosen. Lou – check your email you are the lucky winner!!!!!
Comment at the bottom of this article for a chance to win this 150 yard spool of 8lb test Berkley Nanofil – provided by our August sponsor Kingfisher Designs.

Berkly Nanofil from our August sponsor - Kingfisher Designs

Not a Mono. Not a Braid. The Next Generation of Fishing line. NanoFil is made out of gel-spun polyethylene, much like a superline (‘Superlines’ is a general term that includes braided and thermally fused lines. These lines are specially manufactured to create the thinnest lines with the highest breaking strength possible). This ultimate spinning reel fishing line consists of hundreds of Dyneema® nanofilaments that are molecularly linked and shaped into a unified filament fishing line. Dyneema, The World’s Strongest Fiber™, gives this line superline type strength and our uni-filament process makes it feel and handle like a smooth monofilament.


We are located in The Great Mid-West. Along side of the Almighty Mississippi River in Illinois. I have been fishing and collecting Baseball Cards for many years. America’s Favorite Pastime “Fishing & Baseball”. Kingfisher designs is also home of the “WALLY WIZARD” a Deep Diving Curved Bait, 6 1/4″ long. 20 “HOT COLORS!” Designed and Built for that Tough Predator The Walleye! Cast for Musky or Pike also! These colors are Holographic in Laser Detail with 3D eyes! Now you can enjoy a Great Fishing Experience with a ~KINGFISHER DESIGNS~ Product.

John C. King
Ebay ID: kingfisherdesigns09
Moline, IL


Kingfisher Designs is giving away one 150 yard spool of 8lb test Berkley Nanofil this month to one lucky reader! For a chance to win simply leave a comment below. One winner will be randomly selected on September 1st 2011. The winner will be contacted with their email address on file, so make sure you are registered on this site and have your correct email address listed.

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18 thoughts on “August LOTM – Berkley Nanofil Fishing Line from Kingfisher Designs”

  1. To whom ever ends up with the line: I have been using it for two or three weeks now and until you get used to the “nanofil knot” aka the double palomar knot, it might be a good idea to tie an improved clinch knot in the tag end, that helped me a ton.

  2. I love my power pro braid for the strength, abrasion resistance and lack of memory but it is too visible to the fish in clear water. Maybe Nanofil will be the answer. Does this line float, sink or is it neutral buoyant?

  3. Interesting new fishing line offering from Berkley and a very nice selection of products for sale at the Kingfisher Designs website.

  4. Hey John,
    Very Good Idea!! I think I would recommended it. Very nice line!!
    Thanks for the Question,
    John King

  5. Hey Ba Da Boom,
    Awesome question! Well if you are trying to wrap it around your hand to get out from being hung up on some structure or cover, well I’ve had Mono line cut me. But my experience is that it breaks off the at the knot…not in the middle of the line. Awesome line and will Highly recommended It!!
    John King

  6. Would love to give this a whirl over at the Valley! I’ll have to see if I have any good auto’d cards to trade for a spool.

  7. Looks like some neat stuff, going to have and pick some up regardless of winning or not

  8. Ba Da Boom, I wanna win some fishing line :).

    In all seriousness, will this line cut you if you try and handle it like some of the braided lines will? Would be useful to know before I try and wrap it around my palm :).

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