10 Summer Fishing Tips

Follow these summer fishing tips to help make your day more enjoyable.

Summer time fishing at High Noon

In summer, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the sun. Not only is the daily duration of sunshine longer, but the sun also climbs to a higher altitude in the sky, so that its energy strikes our position more directly, and we receive more energy per unit area. source

  1. Don’t expect to catch much around high noon, plus or minus a couple hours. The angle of the sun to the water makes predatory fish wary. Wait for poorer lighting conditions like dawn and dusk to get fish active.
  2. Fishing at Night

  3. Following point 1, try fishing at night for an interesting change of pace. All you need is a headlamp so you can see what you’re doing and running lights on your boat. Have you ever been out in the middle of Round Valley in the middle of the night? It’s eerie, yet peaceful. Maybe you can catch a new state record eel?
  4. Don’t Get Burned

  5. Wear sunscreen. Even on overcast days, the sun will burn your nose, ears, and neck. You may not care about it now, but in a few years when your ears are falling off from cancer, you’ll wish you put on the darn sunscreen!
  6. Wear a hat. see above.
  7. Herring Are Cool

  8. Keep your live bait cool. Herring are best kept between 35 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit
  9. Water Water Everywhere

  10. Bring lots of water to keep hydrated and try not to fall out of your boat when you pee. Most drowning victims are found with their pants down, falling off their boats and not being able to get back in, they tire and expire!
  11. The docks can be a zoo on the weekends. I prefer the dirt boat launch because most people are drawn to the concrete one. Less people for me to wait on / avoid.
  12. Thick Weeds are Good Cover

  13. When weeds start to choke the bays, keep fishing them by increasing your pound test from 8 to 15 and using heavy spoons or weedless jigs to target bass.
  14. The Cool Water is Deep

  15. Try trolling for bass along the rocks and humps. I’ve picked up many a bass in 30 to 40feet of cooler water
  16. There is no tip ten. Get out there and fish and have fun.
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3 thoughts on “10 Summer Fishing Tips”

  1. Dom,
    This is the best, in my opinion, all purpose fishing rig for round valley. Having said that, 6yrs old is still on the young side where one can easily and quickly get distracted SO I also recommend rigging up a rod with a #6 baitholder hook, then about a foot up a 1/8 ounce splitshot, then another foot above that a big round bobber. Put a garden worm on the hook and cast out. Oh, fish the sandy area between the two fishing lot boat launches and you should get into some fish! Hope this helps! -Robert

  2. Hey, any tips on summer fishing the shoreline? I’m a saltwater angler who has been trying to get my brother and his son into it. My nephew is only 6 and because of that and where they live a morning trip to round valley seems more plausible. What kind of fish can be caught from the shoreline? What rigs should I focus on tying? Any help would be appreciated. I’d like to show the kid a good time.


  3. Hey so I plan on fishing in late July. Going to be staying at the campsites and I’ll only have a kayak to fish from. And tips for bass fishing? Gear, time, location?

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