The Rapala® Original Floater®

F07 Rapala in Rainbow Trout color

There are infinite ways of fishing the The Rapala Original Floating Lures. You can twitch it on the surface, you can crank it and let the lure wobble subtly under the water surface, you can rig it for flat line trolling, wire line trolling, downrigger trolling, 3 way swivel trolling and more.

I’ve had pretty good success with a simple cast and retrieve, letting the Rapala do its wobble. The only changes i’ll make is to my speed of retrieve.

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3 thoughts on “The Rapala® Original Floater®”

  1. Thanks Robert that is what I always do but someone told me just recently he always uses a swivel saves a lot of time changing crank baits

  2. Do you tie your line directly to the lure or can you use a swivel that turns 360 deg ?

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