Boat Trailer Security and Security Devices

Following a recent break-in nearby I decided to add some security features to the boat and trailer I use for fishing at Round Valley.  It stinks that we even have to think about this sort of thing, but it seems that no matter where you are or where you live, there are people among us with low morals.

Boat Trailer security I’ve been doing:

  • I park the boat in my driveway (no room in the garage).
  • Bring all fishing gear and electronics inside.
  • Lock the trailer tongue and turned the trailer away from the road.

Boat Trailer Security Devices that I looked into:

  • Chip and Trace – hide a 10mm RFID chip anywhere on your boat or trailer.
    • Pros: costs only ~$14
    • Cons: does United States Law enforcement use their tracking device?
  • Wheel Chock Lock – clamps through your wheels to prevent the trailer wheels from turning.
    • Pros: costs ~$50 on
    • Cons: it doesn’t cover the lug nuts so if a thief really wanted to, they’d just remove your wheel and put on another.
  • Wheel Lock Boot Clamp – Same as above except with a disc that covers you lug nuts.
    • Pros: wheels can’t turn or be removed.
    • Cons:~$260 to $160 depending on where you find it on the internet.
  • Locking Trailer Wheel Lug Nuts – prevents thieves from removing your trailer wheels using ordinary tools.
    • Pros: costs ~$18
    • Cons: doesn’t prevent anything by itself.

Thing I’m now doing:

  • I’m cheap so I bought the Wheel Chock Lock and a set of locking lug nuts from McGuard.
  • I replaced the hardware holding the trailer license plate with wing-nuts so I can easily take the plate off when the trailer is parked. If I use my boat more often, this would probably be a pain to keep doing.

Is it enough to deter criminals? Who knows, but I feel a little better about leaving my boat out.  What do you use for boat trailer security?

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4 thoughts on “Boat Trailer Security and Security Devices”

  1. Regarding lights… Realize that if the bad guys want it, they will take it.

    A few years ago I had 2 smaller outboards (25hp & 20HP) stolen off my aluminum rigs in small town rural TX. Both were parked under excellent lighting next to the house on a busy street in plain view and we were home at the time it happened.We had no idea it happened until the next day. Both outboards where secured more than most. I mean… to the point is was a major pain even for us who had the keys and proper tools to remove the motors. The motors were bolted to the transom with stainless bolts & jam-nuts were welded to the bots. One motor was remote steer, so it had steering, shift, & throttle cables which you would think is more trouble to deal with in removing the motor. The clamp handles were removed and the clamps themselves were protected with a custom made stainless steel cover that was locked in place using an industrial strength/commercial pad lock. Sounds overkill right? It wasn’t enough. The thieves simply cut all the cables & wiring harnesses, twisted off the SS bolts, cut, pried, & broke the clamp locks. Both motors gone & both boats damaged due to the force they used removing them. When I commented to the cops about the lighting they were sitting under, the cops just said “That’s not a security light. To a crook, it’s a work light. It makes no difference to them.”

  2. I don’t see how sharing this info would hurt me, besides you can see the bright yellow wheel chock lock from about a quarter mile away!

  3. Keep your boat under light or any additional lighting if possible. Theives look for dark areas so they won’t be seen, so it’s easy pickin’s for them. If you are good with you neighbors, that is always good help also!

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