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2014 RVTA Tournament Dates
13 April Sunday, 6:00am to 3:00pm
10 May Saturday, 5:30am- 2:30pm
22 June Sunday, 5:30am- 2:30pm
19 July Saturday, 5:30am- 2:30pm
03 August Sunday, 5:30am- 2:30pm
06 September Sunday, 5:30am- 2:30pm

2014 RVTA Annual Open Contest
14-15 June Annual 2-day Open Contest, NJ Free Fishing Days
3rd Annual Steve Welgoss Memorial Tournament
17 May (Tentative)

April RVTA Tournament Results

  • 56 participants
  • 108 fish were weighed in
  • Round Valley Reservoir - April 2014

    Rainbow Trout / Brown Trout Division

    • 1st Ron Degraff 26″ 7.2lb Rainbow
    • 2nd Roger Drew 25″ 6.48lb Rainbow
    • 3rd John Yenshaw 23.5″ 5.26lb. Rainbow

    Lake Trout Division

    • 1st Rocco Catania 21.75″ 3.82lb
    • 2nd Mike Kalinchock 21.75″ 3.66lb
    • 3rd Ron Degraff 21.5″ 3.24lb

    Junior Division
    1st Joe zjawiony jr. with a 20 7/8in. 2.74lb laker.

    Winners will be awarded at the RVTA meeting on Thursday 17 April 2014. Visit the RVTA website for more info.


    RVTA Trout Fishing Tournament This Sunday

    2013 Fishing Tournament Photo
    Round Valley Reservoir
    Hunterdon County, NJ
    Sunday 13 April 2014
    6:00am – 3:00pm

    You may register the morning of this and all RVTA fishing contests at the top of the concrete boat ramp. A table will be set up and manned by RVTA members. This is also where you go to weigh and measure your entries. Give yourself enough time to get your fish weighed and measured, don’t be that guy running like a maniac at 2:59pm.

    Entry fee for adult members is $20.00 per tournament for members and $25.00 for non-members. You can sign up to become a member at the same time though, so really there’s little reason to NOT become a member ;)

    This trout fishing tournament is run by Round Valley Trout Association.
    Please visit their page if you have any specific questions about tournament rules and regulations. You can also see this tournament info on our Facebook events page.


    July 2013 RVTA Fishing Tournament Report

    Rob and I fished the July RVTA Trout tournament out on Robs boat on Saturday July 6, 2013.  We were lucky to have some nice weather overall throughout most of the tournament, was sunny the entire day despite some pretty heavy thunderstorms the night before, though about half way through it got hot and hit 92 degrees (Which felt like 102 without the wind!).  But anyways, we got off to a late start getting onto the water around 6:45 a.m., which was a little over an hour after the tournament started at 5:30 a.m.  Instead of trolling around for Rainbows and Browns like we did during the May tournament, we decided to go straight to trolling with lead core for Lakers this time around.  We began trolling just past the North Tower at the North Hump in about 90 feet of water.  Rob was using at gold Sutton Spoon, while I was using a bronze/gold Warrior Spoon and we were trolling with all colors of lead core out going at around 1 MPH, making sure we were bouncing along the bottom.  I was the first to hook up while we were going over 95 feet of water, though as we’ve figured out, it’s harder to tell if you have a fish on or not while fishing with lead core, mostly cause you have so much line out when you’re fishing the bottom for Lakers.  Luckily Rob saw my rod tip bouncing slightly and let me know I had a fish on so I could set the hook.  While reeling in, I wasn’t entirely sure I had a fish still on or not, pretty much just felt like I had the weight of the lead core on the end of my line and didn’t feel any movement or pulling on the end of my line.  Though after a little while, I felt one pull on my line so I knew it was still on, and it didn’t really start fighting at all until it was about 20 feet under the boat.  Rob grabbed the net I guided the fish in head first, and we were on the board for the tournament!

    Round Valley Laker

    Our first fish of the tournament!

    Not too long after I landed that fish, Rob hooked up with another Laker that took his Sutton Spoon in 110 feet of water.  Yet again, we were unsure if the fish was still on or not due to the lack of sensitivity with the amount of line we had out (Still have to get used to that part of fishing with lead core!).  He ended up landing another nice Laker, about the same size as mine,  but with a little bit more girth to him.  I got snagged up on something on the bottom and had to tie on a new leader and all, so I decided to tie on a Big Weenie Meathead to see how that worked since we got Herring and hadn’t used any yet.  Meanwhile, Rob hooked into another Laker, this time a nice fat one!  As usual, we guided it into the net head first, and into the cooler it went.  Shortly after that I got my line back into the water, as did Rob, and we continued trolling around in the same general area.  I was the next to hook up with yet another Laker, but we lost it boat side before we could net it.  Looked to be a decent size, probably somewhere between our smaller two and Rob’s big one.

    Round Valley Lake Trout

    Rob’s first Laker of the day!

    By about half way through the tournament, a pretty steady wind started blowing in from the Southwest, which helped keep the heat off of us a bit, but made trolling a little more difficult.  So we had to adjust our trolling a bit so the wind didn’t effect us as much.   After picking up a few more Lakers, 11:00 a.m. rolled around and the bite for us completely died.  So after debating on what we wanted to do, we decided to keep trolling for a little while longer and see if we could get anymore fish in the boat.  Though after about two hours of nothing, we decided to call it a day and head in so we could weigh in our fish for the tournament and stopped fishing a little after 1:00 p.m.  At the weigh in, we were told that Rob’s big Laker, which weighed in at 4.06-lbs and 22.5-inches, put him in first place at the time.  We ended up weighing in 6 Lakers, so we didn’t limit out or anything, but definitely not a bad tournament day if you ask me!  All of our fish were caught with all colors of lead core out between 95-115 feet of water on either gold Warrior and gold Sutton Spoons, as well as Big Weenie Meatheads.  Overall it was a great day out, the weather cooperated for the most part, caught some nice fish, went out for some sushi afterwards, and Rob’s big Laker held up and earned him first place!  Next step is to figure out how to get some Browns and Rainbows with our lead core!

    Round Valley Lake Trout

    Rob’s 4.06-lb, 22.5-inch first place Lake Trout!


    2nd Annual Steve Welgoss Memorial Trout Tournament is this Saturday

    Last week’s tournament at Round Valley produced some nice sized RVTA Rainbow Trout. If you’re looking to take another crack at winning some money or just bragging rights, the 2nd Annual Steve Welgoss Memorial Trout Tournament will be held this Saturday, May 18th. Visit the RVTA website for more details about the tournament and the RVTA.

    Tournament starts at 5:30 AM and ends at 3:00 PM
    Entry $50 per person


    May 2013 RVTA Fishing Tournament Report

    May 2013 RVTA Trout Fishing Tournament Report. This past Saturday, both Rob and I fished the May 11th RVTA trout tournament together in his boat. The day started out cloudy, but warm, and the forecast called for severe thunderstorms. We got a bit of a late start and got onto the water around 6:00 AM, only a half an hour after the start of the tournament, which was at 5:30 AM. We started out trolling lures around the boat launch area for some Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. Both our lures were about 200 feet behind the boat. Rob was using a YoZuri Pins Minnow in Rainbow Trout colors and I was using an F9 Rapala in Rainbow Trout pattern. On our second or third pass around the cove my 4’6″ noodle rod doubles over. We’re now in about 30 feet of water and the surface temp is reading 60.2 degrees Fahrenheit. I take my pole out of the rod holder, set the hook, and begin to fight the fish.

    Big Rainbow Trout - May 2013 RVTA Trout Fishing Tournament Report

    My 20.75-inch, 3.74-lb Rainbow Trout

    At first I’m feeling the weight of the fish on the end of my line but then my line goes slack and I think I’ve lost it for a second, until I realize it was swimming towards the boat, so I keep reeling and once the fish gets to the boat it just keeps going past us and goes on a nice run. After it finishes it’s run I get it in close enough to the boat for us to see that it’s a nice big Rainbow! Shortly after it sees the boat, it starts to freak out again and swims under the boat, but luckily I was able to get it under control and Rob nets it for me. We weren’t sure how much it weighed exactly, we estimated around 4 pounds, but we did know it definitely put me in the running for the tournament. Also turned out to be one of the Trout that was tagged JoinRVTA and recently released into the reservoir!

    JoinRVTA Jaw tagged Rainbow - May 2013 RVTA Trout Fishing Tournament Report

    JoinRVTA Jaw tagged Rainbow Trout!

    Since we got one nice fish with that method early on, we decided to keep trying to see if we could pick up any other Bows or Browns. After another pass or two around the area, despite the fact there were tons of trout to be seen feeding on the surface, nothing else took. So we decided to head out into deeper water and try wire lining with our two leadcore rods. We tried this method for a few hours with anywhere between five and ten colors of leadcore out in 60-100 feet of water at both the North and South towers, and everywhere in between, but nothing took.

    So with only a few more hours left in the tournament we decided to drift live Herring on the bottom for some Lake Trout since wire lining didn’t get us anything. We started out about half way between the North and South towers, with the wind pushing us towards the North. We ended up drifting all the way to the North tower with only two or three missed hits and some fish playing with some of our lines, but yet again nothing took. By this time there was only a little under an hour left in the tournament, so we decided to try trolling lures again back to the boat launch so we could get there in time for weigh in. Got one hit on the Rapala again on the way in, but didn’t stick the hook. After that, we didn’t have time to do much else before weigh in, so we finally headed in with our one Rainbow from the morning.

    The official weigh in for my Rainbow was 3.74 lbs and 20.75 inches, my biggest Rainbow, as well as my first tagged Trout out of Round Valley! The guys at the RVTA booth doing the weigh in told Rob and I that I was in first place as of then, though we knew most of the boats hadn’t weighed in yet, and that there was a 26″ Rainbow caught as well. After all the fish were weighed in, I was pushed back to 3rd place, which is where I ended up staying, and I’m perfectly fine with that! First place fish was a monster 7.66 lb Rainbow, and 2nd place was a 5.56 lb Rainbow. Full results can be found on the RVTA website here.

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, all rainbow trout - May 2013 RVTA Trout Fishing Tournament Report

    1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Trout

    Also saw a 17 inch or so Brown Trout that was weighed in that had clear bite marks on both sides from a big Laker or some other predatory fish. It looked it got hit from the side by a musky or something, can’t say I’ve seen that before! Overall it was a great tournament, and luckily the rain held off until we were finishing up getting the boat in. So we still got drenched, but at least the tournament was done by then! Overall, great day, now we need to figure out how to fish with lead core!