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May 7, 2013 – Shore Fishing Report

Started off the day yesterday, May 7, 2013 shore fishing with Chris M. at the Millstone River for Pickerel and Bass, nothing except for one follow I got on an F-7 Rapala, Perch pattern, from a decent sized Pickerel.  After about a half an hour or so of fishing there, we headed off to our usual Carp spot to meet Matt for another day of Carp fishing.  After getting our poles into the water, Chris was the first to hook into a fish.  It was definitely a Carp, but got snagged up and lost it before he could get it in.  We were using the same oat and creamed corn mixture as last time we were out, as well as cake flavorings and puffed corn.  Though the second fish we hooked into was on a Bluegill, also on one of Chris’ poles, but unfortunately that got off as well.  After that, Matt started to get into some fish and ended up landing somewhere around five or six Carp and one Channel Catfish.  By the time we left that was all we caught, in addition to a small 13-lb Carp I got not too soon before we packed up for the day.  Though I beat the skunk, had a great time, and that’s all that matters to me!

Zach M., Common Carp

Zach M., Common Carp, location undisclosed.

Zach M., Brown Trout, Round Valley Reservoir

The Author, Zach Mechant with a 19.25-inch 3.2-lb Brown Trout caught at Round Valley under a slip bobber.

After a quick lunch break at 25 Burgers, Chris and I stopped by Behre Bait and Tackle, picked up some Herring, and headed over to Round Valley for the remainder of the day.  We started off with three rods fished with Herring on the bottom with a basic bottom rig, as well as a fourth rod with a Herring about 6-feet under a slip bobber.  Probably about 45 minutes in, we see my slip bobber going crazy; like something was chasing the Herring.  Right as we think that to ourselves, we lose sight of it and shortly after my rod doubles over.  After putting up a pretty good fight and even jumping once, I land a nice 19.25-inch 3.2-lb Brown Trout! Needless to say, after that we began switching all of our other rods from bottom rigs over to slip bobbers.  Though before I can finish setting up my second rod, my first one gets hit again but I whiff the hook set and nothing.  Shortly after we get all our rods switched over, I get into another fish on one of my rods!  Funny story about this one; I see one of my bobbers disappear and one of my rods start to bend so I pick up my rod, set the hook, feel the pressure of a fish and begin reeling.  Not even 5 seconds into fighting it, the line goes dead and I reel in a little more and see it became tangled with one of Chris’ lines.  I guess it was bound to happen eventually seeing as we were letting our slip bobbers drift pretty close together at times.  But anyways, so I start reeling in the tangle so we can get it fixed, but both Chris and I realize that my second rod is still out in the water, tangle free, and my slip bobber is nowhere to be found again.  Shortly after we realize this, my rod doubles over, and I’m fighting another fish in!  I get it in about two-thirds of the way, just close enough to see it break the surface, when it shakes the hook.  It was another Brown, about the same size as my first one, if not a little bigger(aren’t they always?!).  Going from fish on, to no fish, fish on again, and back to no fish in less than a minute was very disappointing, though makes for a funny story for the day, and as one of my co-workers would say; that’s why we call it fishing and not catching!  By the end of our time at Round Valley we only landed my one Brown Trout and a Rock Bass, but missed 3 or 4 more fish as well.

Zach M., Trout, Round Valley Reservoir

Zach M., holding another Trout caught from the shore.

My favorite part about our time at the Valley though was seeing tons of Trout, my guess is 5-10 of them, feed on what looked like baitfish on the surface around our lines.  I even casted out once and saw at least four or five Trout scatter on the surface as soon as my bait hit the water.  We couldn’t get any of them to bite, but was definitely an awesome sight to see.  In addition to that, we saw probably hundreds of fish cruising close to shore at sunset as well; Bluegill, Rock Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Trout.  Definitely a good sign and hopefully the fishing there will continue to heat up as the weather gets warmer!


New Bait & Tackle Store for Round Valley Anglers

Thank you to Jim Saccento from the Round Valley Trout Association (RVTA) for providing the following information:

“We all were a bit discouraged when Lebanon Bait and Sport closed after Sandy, and some wondered what the 2013 season would be like without a B & T store. Jim Behre, a RVTA member has opened a Bait and Tackle store on Route 22 in Lebanon. He currently has live bait available, and will be building his stock of fishing products as things progress. We at RVTA think that this is great news for fishermen at the Valley and we are trying to get the word out to help Jim Behre jump start the business.

View Bait and Tackle Near Round Valley in a larger map

New Bait & Tackle Store for Round Valley Anglers

Now Open! Behre Bait & Tackle. Located about 1.2 miles east of the Round Valley access road, on Eastbound Rt 22, at Clark Road. Located behind the Shell gas station. Parking in the rear of store. Live shiners, worms and herring in season.
Hours: 6 am to 7 pm. Open 7 days.
Jim Behre, owner and RVTA Member (908) 625-2326


58-pound muskellunge caught in Michigan sets world record

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says a muskellunge caught in Antrim County has been listed as a world-record fight.

Joseph Seeberger of Portage landed the fish Oct. 13 on Lake Bellaire, about 25 miles northeast of Traverse City. The muskie weighed 58 pounds, was 58 or 59 inches long and had a girth of 29 inches.

via 58-pound fish caught in Michigan sets world record.


Help Feed Round Valley’s Gamefish

The following information was provided to me by Michael Kalinchock from RVTA. It’s a great cause and I hope everyone can donate a few dollars to the cause. -Robert

Golden Shiner

Golden shiners feed on planktonic crustaceans, aquatic insects, and algae. They are important forage fish for more popular game fish.

In the last 2 years the Round Valley Trout Association has stocked 90,000 Golden Shiners in Round Valley Reservoir. They spawn four times a year and can grow to 11inches. The association has approached the NJ Division of Fish and Game to help in the program. Anyone can donate to the program by sending a check to:

Round Valley Trout Association
PO Box 442
Lebanon, NJ 08833-0442

Enclose a note for the monies to be used in the Bait Fund. So far this year we have received $2500.00 in donations and the bait will be stocked this season. The shiners are being seen in the boat launch cove and Ranger’s Cove and are showing up in the brown trout being caught lately.

Learn more about the Round Valley Trout Association on their website:


2013 NJ Fishing License Available Now Online

Good news. You can buy your 2013 NJ fishing license online right now and be on the water in minutes! If you’re like me and itching to go fishing on any day off from work you have, you can. Visit this page scroll all the way to the bottom and click the Start Here button.

To make the purchase of your 2013 NJ fishing license as painless as possible, have last year’s license handy. You’ll need the 9digit CID number off it which identifies your unique license. If you don’t have last year’s license you can still proceed with your Social Security Number. You can pay with electronic check or credit card. The License will be presented to you as a PDF file which you can save and / or print. You can even print multiple copies which is nice. Keep on in your boat, one in your tackle box, one in your waders!

(Licenses are valid from date of purchase to Dec. 31 of each year)

  • Resident Fishing (Ages 16-64 yrs.) – $22.50
  • Sr. Resident Fishing (Ages 65-69 yrs.) – $12.50
  • Resident Trout Stamp – $10.50
  • Non-Resident Fishing (Ages 16 and up) – $34.00
  • Non-Resident Trout Stamp – $20.00
  • 7-Day Vacation Fishing (nonresidents only) – $19.50
  • 2-Day Vacation Fishing (nonresidents only) – $9.00
  • All Around Sportsman (includes Resident Fishing, Firearm Hunting and Bow Hunting licenses) – $72.25