Carp Fishing Report – April 30, 2013

Fished for Carp from about 5:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. yesterday, April 30, 2013 with Chris Moran.  We both are very new to Carp fishing to say the least, but we were lucky enough to be able to tag along with a buddy, Matt, for the day. Matt’s been Carp fishing for roughly 7-8 years, so he definitely has the experience and know-how that Chris and I lack in Carp fishing right now.  With that said, I’m not able to disclose the location we were fishing as a request from Matt.  But it was definitely a great spot and gave us an amazing day of fishing.  

Chris Moran holds a monster carp.

Chris Moran holds a monster carp which he caught in an undisclosed location.

For bait, we were using either sweet corn or corn puffs coated in various cake flavorings, then packed into the center of a creamed corn and oat mixture to help attract the Carp to our bait.  As for rigs, we were using large thick hooks so they didn’t get straightened out by the fish, a short 4-inch leader, and rocks tied to the mainline with hair ties, which would drop off our line once a fish took them.  

Zach Merchant holds a monster carp

Zach Merchant holds a monster carp which he caught in an undisclosed location.

It was a long day so I don’t really remember what fish we got when, but it was nonstop action pretty much all day.  We ended our day after pulling in 11 Carp up to 30.5-lbs and between 5 and 10 small catfish (Bullheads, Whites, and Channels).  So overall it was a great learning experience, especially for my first official day of Carp fishing, and an even better day of fishing.  I’ll be sure to write another report next time I try Carp fishing again, which will most likely be within the next week!


One thought on “Carp Fishing Report – April 30, 2013

  1. Uncle Peter

    Wow, awesome fishing!! Keep the reports coming. Enjoyed the article and the pictures.

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